Online Marketing Service


Most great businesses utilise the power of video in order to make them stand out in the marketplace. If you’re not, then you could be missing out on thousands of potential customers. The most challenging aspect of producing a great video is getting it seen, but don’t worry, at Trinity Mirror North East we already have that part covered. Sound interesting? Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch.


With our brands already reaching 85% of Newcastle and 75% of Teesside every month, we can both produce you a fantastic video and also get it in front of a large targeted audience who trust our brand and our content. Want to know more? We’ve got a quick and easy enquiry form located here.


We have a variety of video options to suit your business’ every need. Do you need a professional video to sit on your website advertising your services? We can supply that. Do you want to work with us to tell a story and post it across our main brand channels? We can do that. Our creative team will tackle any project no matter the scale – you’d be surprised just what a newsbrand can do for you.


If you require another service, such as digital advertising, a new website, or even if you want to spruce up your social media game don’t worry, we can offer that too.


Not convinced yet? How about having a look at some of our previous projects, we’ve worked with some of the largest brands in the North East – including Newcastle United, Durham County Council, Stagecoach and many, many more!